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                                         ARE YOU LOOKING FOR SPECIALIST HELP IN

  Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (ED) Strategic planning and training?
  Cultural/Intercultural Competency Building?
  Anti-racism Training and Policy Development?
  Conflict Resolution and Coaching?
  Intercultural Communication for the Workplace?
  Human rights discrimination & harassment conflict resolution and coaching?


 We, at the Intercultural Capacity Building Specialists (ICBS), are here to assist you!

ICBS are leaders in organizational capacity building, with proven expertise in empowering organizations and communities take full advantage of diversity, by building their skills and resilience in intercultural competency development, conflict resolution, Anti-racism, policy gap analysis, and emerging best practices based on the key principles of equity, diversity, inclusion; and human rights discrimination and harassment policies and legislations. We deliver what we promise as per our expertise in these key intersectional areas.

Our customized services in organizational capacity building, curriculum design (workshop training and courses) empower leaders and stakeholders to advance their organizational strategic goals, capitalize on diverse talents, find hidden competencies and build stronger and resilient teams.

We create tangible skill-based courses and trainings for both face-to-face and on-line delivery. We also facilitate public forums, events; conduct program evaluations; and produce comprehensive reports and recommendations.

For more than two decades, ICBS (and its partner, former Hille-Magassa & Associates) has supported organizations and institutions (business, industry, government, non-profit and community organizations and educational institutions) develop their intercultural capacity and EDI strategic plans.

At ICBS, we base our work on our multilingual fluency (in addition to English and French) and intercultural, intersectional and anti-oppressive expertise. We have an approachable and personal style – We are fun to work with!

Dr. Moussa Magassa is the CEO of The Intercultural Capacity Building Specialists (ICBS).

View his latest TV interview: https://youtu.be/__V5dGsTWuY

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