African Capacity Building Institute

A Legacy Project Honouring Dr. Cheboud, and Dr. Teklu


Dr. Elias
Dr. Cheboud was born in a village outside Addis Ababa. He won the Haille Selassie Medical Student Prize. He was arrested during a student protest by the Derg in Ethiopia in the mid-1970s. Despite of being tortured and faced with a firing squad, he managed to escape and he fled to Djibouti and later came to Canada as a refugee.

He received degrees in Social Work and Education at University of Victoria (Uvic) and University of British Columbia (UBC). He later taught in Uvic school of Social Work, along with UN University for Peace in Addis Ababa. He died in 2012 in Ethiopia. He was a peace researcher, anti-racist and Human Rights Activist. His wife and two live in Victoria.


Dr. Abebe Teklu

Dr. Teklu was born in the rural district in Northern Ethiopia. In spite of becoming blind at nine years old, he not only managed to complete his education but he gathered the financial support from international organizations to develop a school for the Blind. He escaped from the torture to Khartoum by walking during strafing from Derg planes in the late 1970s. Eventually, he arrived as a refugee to Canada where he graduated with degrees in social work and education at University of Victoria. He became an assistance professor of Social Work at University of Fraser Valley, Abbotsford. As well, he assisted in building the first library in Mekele. He was the president for Canada Confederation of the Blind and of local Ethiopian Community Association. As well, an activist and advocate for race relations and human rights issues. His wife and three children live in Abbotsford, BC.