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Upcoming workshop: How to become an Anti-racist Ally and Social Change Advocate? 

  • This Saturday, November 28th, 9:30-12:30pm -- Join us on Zoom, #antiracismeducation_ICBS

1. In our Midst (TV interview about my life and work):

2. Q & A on Racism with Moussa Magassa:

3. Insight Into Inclusivity – How to Play Our Part in Ending Systemic Racism:

4. Fight For Systemic Change: Dr. Moussa Magassa Local Champion:

5. ChekNews Victoria: A Human Rights Educator's lesson to Canada:

6. November 2019, Moussa is recognized as a champion of anti-racism education:

7. See video: Moussa's speech at the BC Anti-Racism Strategy announcement:

8. The Intercultural Capacity Building Inc. (formerly Hille-Magassa & Associates) was featured on page 12-13 of the Spring 2015 Issue of Here Magazine from Victoria.  Take a look at the article about Newcomers and New Businesses here:;image,,fill"

9.  Religious Freedom in time of the Black Lives Matter Movement: