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The Intercultural Capacity Building specialists (ICBS) offers curriculum development, training, group facilitation and consulting services related to increasing all aspects of diversity, equity, Inclusion, Intercultural capacity building, conflict resolution and understanding for your organization. We create tangible skill-based courses and training for both face-to-face classroom and on-line delivery, and web based learning materials; we facilitate public forums, conduct program evaluations, produce reports and recommendations.

We also provide overseas pre-departure training, among others for organizations sending staff and volunteers abroad. Contact us to discuss your needs and to learn more about our services: info@magassa.ca

In his role as a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) specialist, ICBS has been supporting various organizations (business, industry, government, non-profit and community organizations and educational institutions) to develop inclusive leadership skills in managing and leading,

  • - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Strategic Planning
  • - Anti-racism training and strategic plans (training, policy development, and organization signature event)
  • - Cultural competency training
  • - Intercultural communication for the Workplace
  • - Intercultural conflict resolution and mediation skills
  • - Human rights discrimination and harassment conflict resolution and coaching
  • - Change processes
  • - Build collaborative teams
  • - Create effective interagency partnerships
  • - Design and evaluate programs
  • - Foster innovation and creativity, communicate results and, work effectively and respectfully across cultures,
    generations, and contexts.

As a bilingual facilitator, Moussa assist in facilitating mediation sessions in both English and French.

Currently, Moussa is co-investigator in an international and comparative research project, examining issues related to “prejudice and social, cultural, and religious intergroup attitudes at university campuses in Canada, and four European countries.”

Some workshops available that can also be tailored to meet your organization’s needs are:

  • - Anti-Racism training: Developing skills for social and organizational change
  •  - Developing Cultural Competencies in the workplace
  • - Building competencies in intercultural communication and conflict resolution
  • - Cultural intelligence and working across cultures
  • - Organizational capacity development
  • - Designing and delivering workshops for social change
  • - Strategic team building, goal setting and planning
  • - International development and pre-departure training
  • - Promoting respect, diversity and human rights in the workplace
  • - Resolving workplace conflict through the intercultural lens
  • - Mediation training and non-violent conflict resolution
  • - Conflict analysis and peacebuilding training for organizations
  • - Non-violence conflict transformation skills for youth
  • - Research and analysis in intercultural relations, immigration and refugee issues
  • - Volunteer program development and management
  • - Program and project evaluation.

The following skill building workshops are available or can be adapted for your organization:


Systemic discrimination like racism hinders our human solidarity and overall capability to effectively and equitably contribute to a healthy, sustainable and inclusive institutions and society.

This practical and interactive two parts half-day workshop will engage participants to critically reflect on their institution’s approaches to EDI and develop a strategic framework to entrench EDI more in the organization’s work and approaches.

How to Design and Deliver a Workshop for Social Change

In two sessions you will gain: practical skills in designing and facilitating social change training workshops; an in-depth understanding of the intersections between issues of social justice, diversity, inclusion and human rights; an overview of facilitation methods; practice facilitating a social change workshop with feedback from your peers.

International Development
An orientation for people who want to work abroad. Many people want to contribute their talents to developing a better world. Whether you are volunteering or on contract, here is some basic information useful to anyone preparing to immerse themselves in another culture.

Introduction to Capacity Building
Building local capacity is now considered an important part of working with people anywhere. What are the elements and principles you need to understand to be an effective capacity builder? How do we 'develop capacity' in ourselves, with others and within organizations?

Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding
Conflict is part of life. Wherever you work, chances are you will one day get called on to diffuse a hot situation. To do this successfully, you need to assess the environment, analyze the potential for conflict and develop strategies to manage it.

Working Cross Culturally
Whether in Canada or overseas, working successfully with people from another culture can be a challenge. Understanding how our own culture influences how we act and think and what we expect can help us understand others and become more effective as members of intercultural teams.

Working with Child Soldiers
For humanitarian and development practitioners engaged in the integration of former child soldiers, the stakes are high. Being able to understand and respond in a timely manner to the needs of these children within the framework of their background and current experience is important.

Services by Associates

Bridges to Canada works to develop new relationships with English school, colleges, and universities in Canada as a business partner.

  • Connecting international students with well reputed Canadian English schools
  • Helping international students navigate and apply for universities and colleges in Canada that best fits their goals
  • Providing international students with tips and resources in settling and adapting in Canada
  • Introducing international students to Canadian culture and intercultural communication

Contact Kaylee Jo at <b2c.victoria@gmail.com> for more information.