Who We Work With

Moussa continues to work around Canada and internationally. In November 2019, he was recognized as a champion of anti-racism education: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/new-strategy-fighting-racism-hate-1.5367082

See also, A human rights educator’s lesson for Canada: https://www.cheknews.ca/a-human-rights-educators-lesson-for-canada-542854/

In 2018, he was in Toronto, delivering a keynote at the Ontario Colleges Conference and teaching a workshop on intercultural conflict resolution.

He also taught a workshop for a group of ESL teachers on how to handle cross-cultural conflicts with international students in the classroom. The next day, he was facilitating a workshop on Diversity in the workplace for the Communication Workers of America Union.

Moussa continues to work closely with the Intercultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA) to deliver the Culturally Welcoming Workplaces training workshop across British Columbia. The primary goal of the Culturally Welcoming Workplaces Training Initiative is to support businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, health sector agencies, neighbourhood houses, crisis services and immigrants serving agencies to create welcoming and inclusive environments for staff and potential staff, volunteers and potential volunteers, with particular attention given to new Canadians and immigrants. Since its inception, Moussa has co-facilitated more than 30 Culturally Welcoming Workplaces workshops with the ICA. The latest workshops co-facilitated by Moussa were conducted by at such diverse locations as a prison institution in BC, a health sector organization, and a major business outlet in Victoria. For further information regarding Moussa’s ICA workshops, please visit:http://www.icavictoria.org/community/community-partnership-network

Moussa is also contracted as on-line facilitators with the University of BC bringing their practical experience to students in the Continuing Studies program who are seeking Certificates in Intercultural Communications and International Development. He facilitates courses in Dimensions of Development, Migration and Displacement, transforming intercultural conflicts and Intercultural Communications. Web links to UBC: https://cstudies.ubc.ca/programs/international-development-certificate and https://cstudies.ubc.ca/study-topic/intercultural-communication

Magassa-Intercultural Capacity Building have completed contracts with many clients among which:

Many participants enjoyed the Hille-Magassa series of workshops and events around Vancouver on:

  • International Development: An Orientation for People Who Want to Work Abroad
  • An Introduction to Capacity Building
  • Conflict Analysis and Peace Building
  • Intercultural Capacity Development
  • International Development Networking Day.


Expanding Our Human Resource Base Depending on the scope of our contracts and activities, Hille-Magassa involves Associates with specific expertise to assist us. These are some of the Associates we work with:

Current Associates

Bridges to Canada works to develop new relationships with English school, colleges, and universities in Canada as a business partner. Bridges to Canada provides the following services with international clients:

  • Connecting international students with well reputed Canadian English schools
  • Helping international students navigate and apply for universities and colleges in Canada that best fits their goals
  • Providing international students with tips and resources in settling and adapting in Canada
  • Introducing international students to Canadian culture and intercultural communication.

Contact Kaylee Jo at <b2c.victoria@gmail.com> for more information.

Past Associates

  • Betsy Alkenbrack, PhD in Adult Education (UBC) Integrated Workplace Experience Strategy course development.
  • Kumari Beck, PhD in Education (SFU) Integrated Workplace Experience Strategy course delivery and piloting.
  • Joan Fromme, Master in Leadership and Training (Royal Roads) Intercultural communications skills training.
  • Sandra Shin and Cindy Yung, Cultural advisors and translators Program Evaluation.
  • Colleen Sullivan, B.A. in Political Science (Calgary) Program evaluation.
  • Chantille Viaud, Master’s in International Relations (Sweden and Uganda) Vancouver International Development Network.
Information and Communications Technology Council, Ottawa
Conducted research on immigrant learning needs and created four modules for the Canada Readiness Tool: Team Building, Intercultural Conflict Resolution, Cultural Intelligence and Creating Culturally Welcoming and Inclusive Workplace.Developed the Workplace Cultural Communications course for the Canada Readiness Tool.
Integrated Workplace Experience Strategy (IWES) Program (BC and Ontario)
Developed, and piloted two courses for internationally educated professionals on Workplace Communications and Workplace Cultural Intelligence for the BC IWES Program.Created a course on Developing Effective Business Relationships for the Ontario IWES Program.Prepared self-directed study notes and assignments for all three courses.
Immigrant Services Society of BC
Designed and taught to staff and volunteers a full curriculum on immigrant and refugee integration and adaptation.
GoBEYOND Youth Action Gathering
Developed a workshop on anti-oppression practices.
Le CollegeEducacentre, Vancouver, BC
Designed and developed an on-line course Adaptation et Integration au Milieu Minoritaire Francophone.Facilitated a forum on Jeunes et l’immigration (youth and immigration) and produced a report on the findings with recommendations.
Integrated Workplace Experience Strategy (IWES) Program (BC and Ontario)
Delivered the Workplace Communications and Workplace Cultural Intelligence courses for two groups of internationally educated professionals for the BC IWES Program.Delivered the Workplace Communications and Workplace Cultural Intelligence courses and a Train-the-Trainers Session for the Ontario IWES Program
Capilano University, Whistler:
Diversity Training for ESL Volunteers.

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA)
Delivered 3 certificate courses on Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and
Workplaces (WICWP) Training for:

  • Educational Institutions
  • Businesses and Employers
  • Municipal Services
  • Health sector service providers and agencies
  • Non-profit and volunteer organizations.


Grace Rwanda Society, Vancouver
Board Development Training. http://www.gracerwanda.org/
UBC Go Global - Overseas Pre-departure Training
Intercultural Communications Workshop
PLEA Community Services Society of BC, Vancouver
Delivered a seminar for a staff professional development day on intercultural communications and diversity. http://www.plea.ca/
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Vancouver
Strategic Planning and Communications Directorate, Communications and Consultation Unit, Vancouver Developed and delivered a two days workshop on Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution.
Canadian Crossroads International, Vancouver
Workshops on International Development and Capacity Building and Gender and Development.
Center for Intercultural Communications, University of BC
On-line facilitators for distance education courses in the Certificate Program in International Development and the Certificate Program in Intercultural Studies.
Canada: Office of the Commissioner of Official Languages, OttawaFacilitated a Discussion Forum on the Perspectives of Canadians of Diverse Backgrounds toward Linguistic Duality and prepared the final report:
Canadian Policy Review Camps, Simon Fraser University
Facilitated the Africa case study session: http://rethinkforeignpolicy.ca/ or http://casestudyafrica.tumblr.com
UBC Student Development & Services
Panelists and session facilitators for the Global Issues Community Symposium.
S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Vancouver
Evaluated the Active Engagement and Integration Programoffered in South Korea and Taiwan http://aeip.successbc.ca/
Canadian Red Cross
Evaluated the Lower Mainland Region Youth Training in Action Program http://www.redcross.ca/article.asp?id=4962&tid=078